3D Bathroom Planner

Find our products on Blophome and design your 3D bathroom with the most advanced functionalities for professionals.

Discover our products on Blophome and design your bathroom in 3D using the most advanced professional features.

Our product catalog is now available on Blophome, a new online 3D design and furnishing software with high quality renderings for professionals.

Easy and intuitive functionalities

Drag and drop

All objects and textures work with drag and drop, easy and intuitive.

Realistic renders

Get ultra-realistic renders in seconds.

Projects and renders in the cloud

Store your projects and perspectives in the cloud and access them from anywhere

Unlimited possibilities for all interior spaces

Get access to Roca products for the bathroom space and find thousands of objects for other interior spaces (bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, public spaces, etc..).

Publish your projects

Publish your project and share it with the community. You can even create your won site where you can post the projects you want.

Adaptable light

Play with adaptable light to contribute to the intensity or quality that you expect.

Do you still have projects saved in Dibanext? Export your project now and easily open it with Blophome. Your the 3D design will be automatically ready to use in the new online software. Only obsolete products will not be visible in case you are still using them in your previous project.

For any questions feel free to contact us here.