Number 17

- Roca presents its products at Expo Revestir in Brazil.
- The Roca stand at the MosBuild trade fair in Moscow.
- Fresh communication campaigns for Carmen and Beyond.


Number 16

- The centennial year ends with a grand celebration in Barcelona
- A grand celebration at the MNAC rounds off the events of the centenary


Number 15

- Roca celebrates its centenary.
- The past and the future can be found in two new collections: Carmen and Beyond.
- Roca opens its sixth Gallery in Beijing and continues to grow in China.


Number 14

- Roca apresenta novidades na feira KBC de Shanghai
- Roca, selecionada como empresa fornecedora dos Jogos Olímpicos do Rio 2016


Number 13

- Roca presents its 2016 innovations.
- Roca participates for the first time in Archidex
- Ma Yanking awards the prizes of the 6th edition of jumpthegap