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Shanghai, May 27, 2019 – Roca unveiled the latest in technologies, materials and trends at the 24th Kitchen and Bath China (KBC) exhibition, demonstrating the brand’s constant innovation, emphasis on user experience, and focus on sustainability. Using cutting-edge technologies, Roca aims to deliver to its customers a smart and personalized bathroom experience.

The trend of smart homes has enabled the technology to spread to the bathroom space, constantly enhancing the way users and products interact. Roca has always been committed to the concept that ‘Smart’ can only be really smart by improving people’s lives, constantly exploring and innovating, in order to improve design and deliver higher quality bathroom products. Through the many smart and personalized bathroom solutions in this exhibition, consumers can see Roca's drive for innovation and exploration for a high quality bathroom experience.

Brand new smart toilet upgrades the bathroom experience

As one of the world's leading producers in bathroom products, Roca is committed to providing consumers with high-end comfortable bathroom solutions by constantly innovating and improving product functions through the use of technology. During the exhibition, Roca showcased one of its featured products, the In-Wash® smart toilets, which has become one of the most popular products since its introduction. In the KBC, Roca presented a new generation of In-Wash® Smart Toilets with a whole array of new functionalities, highlighting a ground-breaking dryer that has been designed based on modern aerodynamics. Just as brand- new Inspira FS, features a simple European design, embedded with an In-Tank® technology, which integrates the cistern into the bowl itself and provides an improved level of cleanliness thanks to its brand-new Vortex flushing effect. Culminating with 3 different levels of aerodynamic drying power, the Inspira FS creates an extraordinary bathroom experience for discerning consumers.

Smart products revolutionize the bathroom space

In order to meet consumers' expectations for smart products, Roca presented their integrated smart bathroom at the exhibition, showcasing an IoT and AI based service for monitoring, maintaining and managing bathrooms. Users can control integrated bathroom products through Roca’s smart mirrors, as well as remotely adjust the functions of smart toilets, smart showers, smart bathtubs, etc. In addition, water temperature and volume, as well as lighting can be adjusted using voice commands. Roca’s bathroom experience also features intelligent operation with four modes including return home mode, leave home mode, wake up mode, and sleep mode. Users can adjust the modes according to their lifestyle, and enjoy a comfortable and customized bathroom experience. Lastly, Roca’s bathroom products also collect relevant data in order to provide personal health management, promoting a healthier life.

Create personalized bathroom spaces with Roca's exclusive colors

Roca adheres to the Spanish design concepts of merging the practical and aesthetic, focusing on user experience and creating a personalized high-quality bathroom space. Consumers are using colors to design bathrooms according to their personalities and shapes of life and Roca has a deep understanding of this. As a century-old brand of bathroom products, Roca hopes to meet this demand by creating unique color concepts. Roca showcased its new bathroom palette at its booth during the exhibition, featuring elegant finishes of its vitreous china in Beige, Coffee, Pearl and Onyx, as well as the exclusive Everlux finish for faucets in Titanium Black, Rose Gold or Brushed Platinum, to achieve a pictorial universe and unique atmospheres to suit the imagination of its customers.

Armani and Roca partner up to deliver a luxurious and well-designed bathroom series

At KBC Roca also once again exhibited Baia, the latest collection of Armani/Roca, which had an excellent reception by the community of architects and designers. Its aesthetic intentionally references the retro styling but it is brought up to date by being interpreted in a modern manner and incorporating avant-garde technology. The result is a complete versatile bathroom collection, which manages to be both contemporary and timeless, in accordance with Giorgio Armani’s well-known design philosophy.

Intelligent and personalized bathroom experience is the theme that Roca thrives to deliver on this KBC Exhibition. Roca has been constantly facing challenges and focusing on providing the best possible experience to customers and add value to different target groups through cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and design concepts.

Roca unveils stunning Smart products at Kitchen and Bath China 2019

Roca participated in KBC China 2019, Asia´s leading kitchen & bathroom trade show.